alt text Secrets of the Crystal Cavern, a book written for elementary school children, is the fantastical story of eleven year old Nina and her younger brother Jack who are left with their grandparents for the summer at a lakeside cottage in the remote woods of New Hampshire. The pitch black nights and stories of woodland fairies provide a fertile ground for the siblings’ imaginations, encouraging them to explore an imaginary world in which fairies reside.

But is this world of fairies really imaginary? After being awakened from their sound sleep by the booming thunder of what will later be described in those parts as, “the storm of the century,” Nina discovers a tiny, half-drowned fairy clinging to the screen of her bedroom window. From there, the story delves deeply into the lives of fairies, revealing that what we think is fantasy, really exists in the woods of the North. From one heroic action to another, the children delve deeper and deeper into the secrets and mysteries that surround us all, until their newly discovered world collides with the lives of those they love the most and they’re forced to make a choice between saving a life and risking losing who they are.

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